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            1. Prof Andrew Wee

              Vice President (University and Global Relations)

              +65 6601 3757
              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

              Professor Andrew Wee is Vice President (University and Global Relations) at the National University of Singapore. In his role as Vice President, he works with the President on the University’s efforts to become a leading global university located in the heart of Asia through the strengthening of strategic relations with stakeholders both in Singapore and overseas.

              Prof Wee, who was Dean of the NUS Faculty of Science from April 2007 to March 2014, is President of the Singapore National Academy of Science. He is also the Director of the Surface Science Laboratory in the Department of Physics at the NUS Faculty of Science, and an adjunct scientist at the Agency of Science, Technology and Research’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering.

              A Professor of Physics, Prof Wee was awarded the President’s medal in 2008 by the Institute of Physics, Singapore, as well as a UK-Singapore Partners in Science Collaboration Award in 2006 as a visiting scientist to Imperial College.

              Prof Wee’s research interests are in surface and nanoscale science, scanning tunneling microscopy and synchrotron radiation studies of the molecule-substrate interface, graphene and related nanomaterials. A fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK, the Singapore National Academy of Science, as well as the Institute of Physics, Singapore, he has published more than 400 internationally refereed scientific papers. He is an Associate Editor of the journal ACS Nano since 2011, and serves or has served on several journal editorial boards including Applied Physics Letters-Journal of Applied Physics (2009-2011), Surface and Interface Analysis (2005-) and Surface Review and Letters (2002-).

              Prof Wee was previously a visiting scientist with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories in the US, a Commonwealth Fellow as well as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Physics as well as a Masters degree from the University of Cambridge. He received his DPhil from the University of Oxford.

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